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Une Galette sur la Platine en 2019

Voici une liste non-exhaustive et pêle-mêle de nos 10 albums “coups de cœur” pour l’année 2019 :

  • 75 DOLLAR BILL “I Was Real” [Thin Wrist Recordings]
  • ANGEL BAT DAWID “The Oracle” [International Anthem Recording Company]
  • BIG THIEF “U.F.O.F. [4AD]
  • BLAHA “The Calming Room” [God Unknow Records]
  • CLIPPING. “There Existed An Addiction To Blood” [Sub Pop]
  • FIRE! ORCHESTRA “Arrival” [Rune Grammofon]
  • JAIMIE BRANCH “Fly Or Die II : Birds Dogs Of Paradise” [International Anthem Recording Company]
  • LITTLE SIMZ “Grey Area” [Age 101 Music]
  • UZEDA “Quocumque Jeceris Stabit” [Temporary Residence Limited / Overdrive Records]
  • VANISHING TWIN “The Age Of Immunology” [Fire Records]

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